Be a good person no matter what!

Be a good person no matter what!

Let me get that straight I don’t believe in angels and I don’t believe in miracles either but last week I had the chance to meet real life angels who not only are working under the most unpropitious circumstances but also managed to heal the pain of hundreds of refugees. More precisely I am talking about the magicians who created the Health Point Foundation, a volunteer-led Medical/Dental humanitarian organization helping refugees in crisis and which is currently in Thessaloniki, Greece.


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I had the opportunity to work as a volunteer with them last week in order to write their story through my experience and I pointed out quite a few good reasons for someone to join the team. The Greek one was helping the dentist who was from Iran and the English one was doing computer work. My point is that people from all over the world, completely different at first sight gathered in the same place for the same cause which is to do good. But lets start from Tuesday morning when my journey is about to begin.

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Ola was waiting for me in order to drive together to the camp and in the car I met also Waheeda, Noor and Ellen. Waheeda is the person that can make your day, she is from Afghanistan although she lives permanently in United States. Every morning she would stop the car, get out, start running and shouting “Dentist is here”, this is pretty our way of announcing our arrival. She also loves music, she was dancing with me, she was dancing with Faith but the most beautiful picture was her dancing with the kids. After the first day of work one of the refugees, who used to be a chef in Syria invited us in his residence for lunch. While we were eating he was telling us how he met his wife, who is six months pregnant, and some funny stories from their wedding and when we were about to leave his residence, he thanked us for this beautiful normal afternoon. It's amazing how positive can be a person who had spent the last nine months in a refugee camp not to mention his journey from Syria to Greece. This is life goals so after my experience there I hope that I'll bring back something more important than just the original falafel recipe. But can you find anything more important than falafel?

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Thursday morning was the day that I believed in miracles. We visited another camp where there was no electricity not to mention that we were given a room in a semi-finished building. But after one hour a place who seemed to be a wreck totally unappropriate for treating patients was transformed into a high profile clinic ready to welcome everybody. And the first woman that Ellen treated was the reason I truly came to help. She told that she had not slept or eaten for two days because of the pain of her tooth so my point that we did not just heal the pain we also gave her back her peace. “We pray for you to be healthy and keep on the good work”, “Without you I do not know what I would have done”, these are only some of the kind words that we heard during our visits.

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I volunteered with Health Point Foundation not because they are so organised and responsible and great at their job but because but when you see them you understand how important it is for them to make world a better place. They are people with values and I respect that. I asked once Ola, the hero dentist as they call her why she is so committed to that purpose and she told me that she had learnt from a wise man a great lesson.

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“Your remedy is within you, but you do not sense it. Your sickness is from you, but you do not perceive it. I can almost guarantee you we can find that remedy we all seek in our personal lives, the feeling of being simply content. This is what volunteering with pure intentions can do for you. We need to stop feeling like we are helpless and not in control, we need to stop thinking that it is not our problem or that somebody else will help. Reflect and you will find beauty even in the most darkest places

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”Well I found beauty in a wreck without electricity and I am planning to keep this beauty in my heart for as long as it takes. I do not care why you world want to do good, for example I may have volunteered because I was a complete pain in the ass the whole year and I do not want Santa to punish me by not leaving anything for me under the Christmas tree. My point is, do good no matter what. Besides the person who will receive your kindness will never ask you why.

But enough with words, it's time for action. Health Point Foundation is in great need of greek dentists and nurses so I am going to write all the information you may need in order to contact and as we said above do good no matter what.