They say it is the best sunset on earth!

They say it is the best sunset on earth!

Hey guys,

Have you ever been to Santorini? Well I haven’t. So me and my boyfriend decided to spend the first weekend of June there. 

2nd of June,

Cheap flights are the early flights. We had all day long to enjoy our trip. Our rental car was waiting for us so we picked it up and headed straight to Erato. Since our rooms were not ready yet we had a walk at Fira and spent a few hours at a café while I was working. When I finished and promised to my other half that I won’t open my laptop again, we entered the car so that we could go swimming. Dear reader, if you are dreaming of sandy beaches with amazing waters then Santorini is not for you. It is a very beautiful island, proud of many things, but sea is not included. After a couple of hours at the beach we got hungry so we decided to search for any taverns by the seashore. Small hint dear reader, comments in TripAdvisor and pictures in Instagram can be your best friend. That’s how we discovered Fratzeskos which I totally recommend. As for our evening we chose Momix Santorini where a good friend of ours is working there. Another hint dear reader, always listen to what locals have to say, especially those who work night shifts.


3rd of June

When you wake upearly you need a good breakfast and when you wake up at noon you need a good brunch. So I checked Instagram found a girl whose style I like and asked her about Santorini since she spent her last summer in the island. Wise choice if you ask since the place she recommended for brunch became our everyday ritual. Porto Carra Hotel has great view, delicious dishes and friendly staff. So if you happen to be at Thira you have to go there. After our brunch we went to Red Beach for swim whose scenery is something you have not seen before. I liked the wildness of its beauty and the fact that as a beach it was not organized. To my boyfriend’s great disappointment there was no time for dinner because we had to go to Imerovigli to enjoy the sunset. It was about 19.00 pm couples holding hands were running so that they could find a nice place for the sunset but I was not worried at all since I already found the ideal hidden treasure, Grace. Grace is not just a hotel is a whole new experience. You enter the hotel and you found yourself to the balcony with the best view in Cyclades, order your drink lay down on your armchair and take the blanket they so kindly offer so that you won’t get cold. This is grace, kindness, elegant, unique. I could stay there for ages but my boyfriend was starving so we visited Rastoni for marinara.


4rth of June

Last day in the paradise so we went to Vlychada Beach for a swim. I have to admit I loved Theros Wave Bar, you should go. We stayed there until late noon then back to our rooms a quick swim to the pool and then straight to Oia for the sunset. Another hint dear reader trust the small alleys you can find places a tourist would never imagine their existence. One of these places in Fino, recommendation of a good friend as well. Today we preferred to enjoy the sunset in the street among other. Funny thing is that when I asked from somebody to take a picture of me and my boyfriend he told me that he loved photography and he advised us which pose we could have. Well this person never saw the sunset, he was taking pictures of others until the sun went down. Another hint dear reader, when it comes to a selfie trust the Asian they know better, they always did.


See you soon dear reader!