I spent six years in Athens

I spent six years in Athens

Before I start writing this piece of joy and love I have a confess to make. By the time I finished my article I had already moved to Rotterdam. 

Because of my poor time management skills I never succeed to write about a place the time that I am actually there. Although Athens is not a place, it is the place. The city which stole my heart and kept it for six years. From a person who gets easily bored that’s quite a statement.


Dear reader let me tell you a story first. Our fairytale starts in 2011 when a girl was about to enter her new home and possibly her new life. Excitement would be an understatement to describe exactly my feelings. Finally, I could live in the city I always wanted in my own house, parents excluded.

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Soon I realized that Political Science was not for me so I decided to keep a distance from university until I figured out what I wanted in my life. Or at least that’s what I told my parents to persuade them to fund my two months stay in Italy, but that’s another story. My absence lasted two years, by then my father had already found out about my grades and he threatened to cut me off. During my absence I decided to learn every alley in the center of Athens.


In order to fulfill my ambition I had to pay a visit to my neighbor John, whose daughter I used to babysit. John owned a bar in the center and he was the best person to ask for recommendations. He told me to visit bar 42 and soon it became my favorite. Cocktail bar, looks like a hotel reception, nice atmosphere, undeniable class it has pretty much everything. Once, its barman told me that he is always intrigued when a woman asks for a dry martini. Do I need to mention that I adopted this habit immediately? Another bar managed to stole my heart, CV Distiller. Its not that I am a whiskey fan, but again it was its effortless class that amazed me.


Dear reader did I mention that summer is my favorite season? And this summer my amazing boyfriend decided to take me to one of the most beautiful beaches closed Athens, which is called Dikastika. It is not actually a beach but more like a gulf with turquoise waters surrounded by trees. When I am in Athens during summer there is one place I would rather be at night and this is Island. The place where I celebrated my birthday, went on a date, get drunk, laughed, danced and enjoy every second of it until early morning hours.

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Apart from summer I also love Mediterranean cuisine. And honestly I get mad seeing all those conmen in Plaka trying to sell you mediocre plates at outrageous prices. So I decided to find one place which is located in the most touristy area of Athens and remains local. I found it! It is called Ellevoro and there you can enjoy traditional tastes at a cozy environment. It is a family business and if you are lucky enough you will meet the grandma who is the mastermind behind all these treasures.


The 28th of August was my last day in Athens and I decided to spend it during brunch at Oh Mama with people who made my life in Athens memorable. Because after all is said and done, it is the people who meet the reason you will stay or leave from a place. And mine was STAY! 

(at least for six years)