An ambassador, a bike and a swimming pool.

On Wednesday 24/5 we had a visitor at Effect, his name was Geoffrey Pyat and he happens to be the ambassador of United States in Greece. On Friday 26/5 we decided to pay a visit this time. Where? At Google, so that we can discuss about gender equality. But I will talk about that later. Let's go back to our ambassador.

How to throw a massive party with a budget of 50 euros in one week?

Once upon a time there were two start ups, Effect and Yang, who wanted to throw a party. One week, two start ups, 100 euros and the idea of a massive party?

How to meet the right people during an event?

Let me get that straight dear reader, I am not a public relations expert nor I am planning to share with you any precious secrets. On the contrary I will tell you what happened the 8th of February during an event organised by Nissan.

My role @Effect

My role @Effect

Dear reader I owe you an apology since I have not introduced myself properly. My name is Ilektra and I am the PR&Partnerships Manager of this young yet so promising company.

Once upon time there was Effect....

Dear Streetellers,

This is my first article on the blog and I have to admit that I am a bit nervous. I was thinking which kind of story I will share with you and I decided that I have something interesting in my mind.