An ambassador, a bike and a swimming pool.

An ambassador, a bike and a swimming pool.

On Wednesday 24/5 we had a visitor at Effect, his name was Geoffrey Pyat and he happens to be the ambassador of United States in Greece. On Friday 26/5 we decided to pay a visit this time. Where? At Google, so that we can discuss about gender equality. But I will talk about that later. Let's go back to our ambassador.

Marilou, my colleague, was thrilled because about this event and she kept asking Sotiris if FBI will be here as well, no they did not appear as well. Apart from vivid imagination Marilou is also a perfectionist so all the previous week we were hearing making lists of attendants, ordering food, chaning the set and then again, until everything will be just perfect. So it was a bit funny when the ambassador finally arrived and we saw that he was a total cool person. No seriously the specific word for me to describe him is cool, the way he answered our questions, talked about work and family


He told us that he is from California known for Silicon Valley, he loves technology and twitter, he has a son and daughter, he loves cycling and he is trying to persuade his guards to cycple as well and he will always remember the days of Ucrainian Crisis as he was there. What he is also a great fan of the start up community here in Greece as he beleives that we as people are way innovative and creative. What truly caught my attention though is that when a girl asked him if ever had second thoughts according to his proffesion he said that there were times and he could not see his family, that if he had chosen to become an engineer he would have earned much more money, and if he had decided to become a oceanographer (his childhood dream) he would have less stress and more free time to spend with his loved ones, but no he doesn't regret it. Because he travelled a lot, he met interesting people, he played a significant role in many hisotrical events. Point is that if you want to live a memorable life sacrifices need to be done, the question is if we willing to make such decisions. Food for though right? 

But don't think a lot at least not now because we are about to leave Effect's offices and visit Google's instead. To my dissapointment Google's quarters in Athens don't have a swimming pool as the ones in Dublin. But you can easily say that they are office goals. Google is also well known for it's remarkable work environment especially when it comes to women support. That is why Marianthi decided to cooperate with Google in the first place. Marianthi with Sophia decided to create The Fifty-Fifty Project the NGO who supports women to succeed as professionals and asks for the men to help them. Besided we both live in this world right? Sometime we need to cooperate!

So what in Google I learn that if you want to work for them you ought to have the so called googlecie. What's this? Well if I understood correctly googlecie means that you need to be humble, seld motivated, curious, in a constant search of self developement, own of your project, I am sorry I can not remember anything else. What I remember though is Sundar Pichai's story. Sundar Pichai today is the CEO of Google and the person who invented Google Chrome. Sundar Pirsai many years ago lived in India and didn't have any contact with technology until the age of twelve, when they bought a telephone at home. That story made my day, what about you? 

See you soon!