How to throw a massive party with a budget of 50 euros in one week?

How to throw a massive party with a budget of 50 euros in one week?

Once upon a time there were two start ups, Effect and Yang, who wanted to throw a party. One week, two start ups, 100 euros and the idea of a massive party?

Though I consider my self more as a party animal than a party planner I accepted the challenge. 

When it comes to upcoming companies you know that you have to work with a low budget so you are about to use your F&F, shorthand for friends and favors.

First thing was to find the right place for our party, a cool, easy to reach bar in the centre. While I was checking some spaces I remembered that the founder of Ethelon threw an amazing party at Loukoumi Bar so I asked if he could arrange a meeting and he happily accepted to help. Good thing is that the owner of the bar was a very cool guy, aware of the start up community so he agreed to provide us a space for our party, a part of the staff for our guests and the dj set for exchange of publicity and a future cooperation. Remember, nobody is completely selfless and when it comes to business arrangements you don’t have to be. So when you can’t pay for something you can always play the card of promotion and of a future collaboration. 

Still I haven’t booked the dj. You know I do believe in the power of community and the good thing is that when I announced to our closed group of SA participants that we are in need of a dj for our Saturday’s party we had three proposals within one hour. Well if you happened to be in our party you would know that I made the right choice since we could not stop dancing. 

Last but not least: the guests! Creation of the event in Facebook, promotion in companies’ pages and Instagram stories. See, you want as many guests as possible but you do not need the random guy who happened to know about your party. You want the one who either knows or is happy to learn about your company in order to become part of your community. Don’t forget that it is a business party not a private one. I am not saying that in the middle of the night you will crab a mike and start presenting your firm. Not so cool… What you can do is to create a list of mails and names and ask kindly your guests to fill in the form so that they will be able to take part in the competition that you are about to run after the party. Or another idea is to take advantage of an occasion. For example we threw the party because both Effect and Yang became one year older so we made an announcement just about that and we brought birthday cake and hats for everybody. It was an elegant way of promoting our brand and celebrating at the same time. 

I am not a professional party planner or a pr expert, I am just saying what I have tried and worked. So remember you do not have to be nominated for something in order to share an advices or tips  that can help other people too. 

See you next Tuesday! 

Ilektra xxx