My role @Effect

My role @Effect

Dear reader I owe you an apology since I have not introduced myself properly. My name is Ilektra and I am the PR&Partnerships Manager of this young yet so promising company.

You know the funny thing is that I actually applied for the position of Marketing Manager but things do not always turn the way we want them to be or they do (?). Damn it I did it again, I did not started writing my story from the very beginning but we can always correct our mistakes, or most of the times.

So how I ended up in here?

In November 2016 I participated in Success Academy in order to become more competitive in the job market. The last day Sotiris and Marianthi announced us that there will be two openings. The first opening would be about the position of Operations Manager, HR included, so not for me and the second one would be the dreamy position of Marketing Manager.

I remember that I sent my application on Christmas Eve, it was the day after they announced that we can actually start sending our CVs with a video presentation as well. I liked this idea because you can understand many things about someone’ s personality when he has to introduce himself in front of a camera ( confidence, time management etc).

Pressed sent and counted the days for the next challenge. Although I expected it to be psychometric game it was not. They wanted for all the candidates to prepare on PPT a marketing campaign in order to increase the social appearance of Effect. I called mine “I Effect you Effect?”and added all the crazy ideas I have gathered. And again I had to wait for my third challenge.

The interview. Ten minutes earlier, think it was the first time of my life that I actually arrived somewhere that early. How do you know that the interview ended up like you expected it to be? Because after some point I was the one setting the questions about their goals both long term and short term and how they plan to achieve them.

And again you have to wait for the final decision and this is how you start counting the hours. In the meantime I wrote an article about Effect, I added more staff in my PPT presentation about the marketing campaign and send it back to Sotiris and Marianthi. In general I was trying to remind them that I am here without being that annoying. The day before the results I could not sleep and I was thinking of messaging to Marianthi to let her know that I am awake so she can send me their decision and I will see it straight away. Good thing I changed my mind and tried to get some sleep. Be persistent not a pain in the ass.

And finally Sotiris called me to announce the good news. But not for the position of Marketing Manager but in the PR&Partnerships department. He told me that they examined all my skills so they created one more post just for me. Imagine my happiness at that moment. Wish I could foretell some of the challenges I was about to face and I am actually facing. Question is, does it worth it? Definitely yes!

PS. Next week I am about to tell you about my first challenge in an event organised by Nissan.

So stay tuned and I will see you next Tuesday!

Ilektra xxx