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About Ilektra Chatzopoulou

Once upon a time there was a girl whose essays where off topic. She had great imagination though and she could explain life in a quite interesting way.

Many people say that every situation has its bright side, well for me there is always the humorous side of life.

So if my stories make you laugh then my mission is accomplished. But what stories do you expect to hear from me? I started writing about traveling, my biggest passion, but then I realised that it were not the places that mattered but the people I met all these years. Travellers, everyday heroes, young entrepreneurs, philosophers anybody that inspires me will be in this website.

You know, this is the first time that I am starting something on my own so I really do not know the end of this fairy tale. Guess we will see if I will live the happily ever after.

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  • One month in Portugal with worldpackers!

    One month in Portugal with worldpackers!

    #Alice in Wonderland

  •  Be a good person no matter what!

    Be a good person no matter what!


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